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Energy Strategy Development

Three Rivers Energy develops energy products that are built from the bottom up starting with the customer’s specific energy needs, environmental/societal policies and risk profile.

Energy Supply Chain and Sourcing

A customized energy supply chain can include:

• tolling arrangements,
• electricity and natural gas derivative transactions,
• renewable energy power purchase agreements,
• distributed generation
• standby or unit contingent generation arrangements,

• off take agreements
• Prepay and other financially structured products
• transmission and “firming” agreements
• heat rate and spark spread structuring

• day ahead and real time price optimization

Other energy needs can be enhanced using strategies such as:

• fuel oil and diesel hedges
• LMP basis risk mitigation

• Natural gas and basis product structuring
• Cap and Trade GHG risk mitigation
• Renewable energy credit (REC) procurement and structuring for compliance and voluntary markets


Once we have established the best product, we will determine the best manner to source it and who can best provide the services that are needed. In some cases, this may be a formal RFP. In other cases, it may be more of a negotiated transaction where we work with a few qualified vendors. Three Rivers Energy has developed relationships with major investment banks, energy producers, generators, and marketers. We have confidence that we can properly source any product and receive optimal pricing.

Ongoing Opportunity Monitoring

Three Rivers Energy accesses real-time market information from several sources.  Additionally we receive daily market updates from major market participants. Because we are in the market on a daily basis, we are able to obtain data on technical trends, fundamentals, and speculative long and short trading positions. We use this information to develop forward pricing curves specific to our customers energy needs. This information allows us to modify the energy strategy and prepare to take advantage of favorable market conditions. We also use this information to provide specific reports for our customers on issues that are relevant to their energy situation.

Energy Management

The final step is the day to day management of the energy supply. This includes making sure the energy supply is being properly delivered and accounted for. It also includes tracking forward market and regulatory activities and adjusting the supply agreements in order to meet or exceed budget targets and maintain risk parameters. One of the key metrics is the proper settlement of energy transactions. Three Rivers Energy excels at managing complex energy transactions and verify all cost components in the energy supply chain. Our goal is to structure energy transactions in which every price component can be verified. This creates a transparent cost structure and the ability to identify, audit, and confirm all costs either through third party data sources or the contractual obligations of the supplier. In several current transactions that we manage, we drill down to the ISO/RTO component costs to confirm that they are passed through at cost, thereby eliminating mark-ups and verifying proper data reporting. In additional to all settlement data, a monthly report is provided that tracks actual energy costs vs. budgeted cost, forecasts for the remainder of the year, market and regulatory events, and any other specific items that could affect the energy plan. Additionally, we provide mark to market and hedge accounting documentation to our customers and filing of FERC EQR reports to meet all compliance requirements.

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